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Little league desperate to save sinking baseball fields asks for community’s help

KIMMSWICK, Mo. - Mother Nature not being very kind to the ballplayers in the North Jefferson County Little League.

The local league told FOX 2 they need money to save their fields that are constantly being flooded. The fields sit right along a creek bed that overflows whenever it rains.

Seventeen-year-old Kylie Crews said that she has spent her whole life calling the baseball field on Highway K her second home

“I want to be able to play a little bit longer before I get any older or before I’m not able to play anymore,” said Crews. “I’ve been here forever so it’s sad watching it go downhill.”

District Administrator Jason Halbert said the flooding has caused continuous erosion, forcing the ground to slowly fall in, making it unsafe for kids to play.

“We are probably within 10 to 15 feet from around the backstops which are not cheap to replace so if that falls in that’s a huge financial burden for the league to replace it,” Halbert said.

Halbert said the league is self-funded and is responsible for all field maintenance.

The funds are either through concession stands, registration fees or fundraisers which are not enough to save the field.

“Their resources are very limited,” Halbert said. “These kids deserve the best that they can have down here.”

Janet Crews’ son also plays in the little league.

She said that for her and her family coming together on the community’s beloved field means building new relationships, forming friendships and making memories.

“It’s our family, this is our second home,” Crews said.

FOX 2 spoke with City of Kimmswick Mayor Phil Stang who said that the city is working on a grand plan through the help of a grant when it comes to making improvements around the city and part of the plan also includes baseball fields.

Halbert said the little league is looking for some expert help, including contractors who can provide guidance or would be willing to do some work at little to no cost.

For more information on how to help, visit EverySport.net.