Motorists are still being charged high tow release fees after the state lowers the fee

BROOKLYN, IL – Motorists are stepping forward with new concerns about towing fees charged by the Village of Brooklyn in the Metro East.

The vehicle owners say they were charged over $100 for a tow release fee. That's higher than the amount set by the state.

State law was revised partly as a result of a You Paid For It investigation into towing abuses. That investigation started because of our look at Brooklyn and other villages and cities that were charging up to $500 for a tow release fee. Then drivers whose vehicles were towed would have to take that release form to the towing company and pay hundreds of dollars more to get their vehicle back.

Illinois State Senator Bill Haine of Alton shepherded the bill thru the Illinois Legislature.  It was signed into law by Governor Rauner.  The bill limits the tow release fees villages can charge to $50 bucks.

You Paid For It was not able to catch up to Mayor Vera Glasper to talk about the latest complaints