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Thieves ruin mom’s trip to see daughter’s graduation

LADUE, MO - A Florida woman is looking for justice after having her purse stolen in Ladue.

She's originally from St. Louis.

She returned for her daughter’s graduate school graduation, Friday afternoon.

She's lost a lot more than what was in her purse.

“These people are criminals.  They are so bad,” the victim told Fox 2/News 11 through tears.

She asked that we not use her name.

Minutes after the theft, a man, and a woman used one of her credit cards at the PX Liquor store on Woodson in Overland.

The store workers didn’t know the suspect's name but recognized them as repeat customers.

Surveillance video shows the pair using one of the victim’s cards to buy more than $280 dollars’ worth of booze, cigarettes, and lottery tickets.

The victim is still distraught over it all.

“I was on my way to my daughter’s graduation,” she said.  “I stopped off at the Ladue Schnucks to get some fresh roses. I was putting them into the trunk … left my front left door open.  When I came back … my purse was gone…my beautiful daughter got her master’s (degree) and I wasn’t there…high honors, I couldn’t be there.”

She said another purse was stolen from the Ladue Schnucks parking lot around the same time.

“That’s what I want people to take from this, too:  don’t feel you're safe anywhere.  I wasn’t watchful because I left my door open and went around [to the] back [of my vehicle].  I’m going, to be honest with you I said, ‘I’m in Ladue, nobody’s going to do anything here.”

She also had $300, pearls from her 30th wedding anniversary, her phone, and her passport, in her purse, she said.

She`s a flight attendant and can't work until her passport is replaced.

She warns people to always lock their doors and never leave anything valuable in plain sight, no matter where they are.

Ladue Police have the same advice.

If you recognize the suspects call Ladue Police at 314-993-1214.