St. Louis County to step in and help South County residents with feral cat problem

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO - On Monday, Fox 2 told you about a neighborhood in South County whose residents said a colony of feral cats are causing trouble.

Fox 2 spoke to the county health department on Tuesday about its plans to deal with the situation. Faisal Khan, the Director of the St. Louis County Health Department, said staff will use what is called the "TNR" method, which means trap, neuter and return. He said staff will return the cats to the same area and said it's important residents of a nearby senior living community stop feeding the cats.

Volunteers with St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach said shelters will rarely accept feral cats because they are wild animals.

County staff said they used to capture and euthanize feral cats but haven't done it in years and have no plans to do so.