Former judge and US Attorney trade barbs in Greitens hearing

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ST. LOUIS - It was extremely tense at times during this final hearing before jury selection. Judge Rex Burlison was going over what the prosecution and defense can and cannot talk about.

Wednesday's hearing was most tense when defense attorney Scott Rosenblum complained that they wouldn't be able to properly expose the alleged lies of the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s chief investigator because he’s pleaded the Fifth to every single question about his lies and who told him to lie.

Defense attorney Jim Martin stood up and asked about additional sanctions since the judge recently said the case reeked of it.

Former Judge Robert Dierker, who's working with the prosecution, protested loudly and Martin responded, “I’m not done.”

Dierker said, “You’re never done!” He later apologized for allowing Martin to get under his skin.

This exposed a tension that will likely brew throughout next week’s trial and Rosenblum suggested he might even call St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner to the stand and ask why she sat by in silence as her chief investigator repeatedly lied.

Other issues that came up: the money trail. The defense will be allowed to bring it up. And the prosecution will not be allowed to refer to the main witness, known as K.S., as a victim. She can only be called by her name.

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