St. Louis police department wants to return stolen property to owners

ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department wants to return hundreds of items stolen from cars in the downtown St. Louis area.  Police say some of the items recovered were stolen from as far back as 2014.  The items are primarily backpacks, purses, and electronics.  There was some musical equipment recovered.  We have reported on multiple bands having equipment stolen during stops in St. Louis.

Captain Renee Kriesmann credits determined detectives for tracking down 4 suspects who were arrested in April and are now facing charges.  She said two suspects were coming to downtown daily and stealing items from cars.  Kriesmann said the stolen items were taken to a home where they were stored while the crooks tried to sell the items online.

All of the stolen items can be viewed on the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s website.

Victims wanting to claim stolen items they can identify on the department’s website should email the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department at

Kreismann said the process of reclaiming stolen goods will be easier if victims filed a police report and can produce the complaint number.