Purse thieves arrested, tied to other crimes in St. Louis area

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OVERLAND, Mo. – Fox 2/KPLR 11 viewers are credited with helping end a crime spree in the St. Louis area.

Earlier this week, we reported on a purse snatching in Ladue. Two people were arrested in conjunction with that theft and may be facing additional charges for other crimes.

People started calling police with tips after seeing surveillance video a credit card from that stolen purse being used at an Overland liquor store. One of the calls reportedly came from the mother of one of the suspects.

The victim, who asked not to be identified, was bolstered by news of the arrests and the public response to our first report.

Police said tips poured in after we showed surveillance video of the suspects using the victim’s credit card to buy more than $280 worth of booze, cigarettes, and lottery tickets. The female suspect seemed pre-occupied with the credit cards before finally signing the receipt.

The victim was visiting from Florida for her daughter’s grad school graduation. She’d been at a Ladue Schnucks Friday to buy flowers for the graduation. She said her purse was stolen from the front seat of her car while she put the flowers in the trunk.

Police said the people in the Overland surveillance video matched the people in surveillance video of a similar crime at the Kirkwood Walmart. The Ladue victim said the purse snatchers used her or her husband’s credit cards in at least three places. But worst of all, they threw out her passport.

Investigators expect the man and woman to face formal charges for crimes in Ladue, Overland, Kirkwood, and Richmond Heights, but those charges have yet to be filed.

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