Delmar Loop musician gets surprised with new guitar

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ST. LOUIS, MO - He’s one of a handful of musicians you might find on any given day in the Delmar Loop.

“Whenever the weather is nice, most of the times I’m out here,” says Raymond 'Raydle' Douglas.

Whether it's weathering the elements or competing with the sounds of the streetscape, you can usually find tunes being played in the Delmar Loop by Al, Raven Wolf, or 'Raydle.'

“So here I am where they are, hopefully bringing a joyful sound to their day,” says Raven Wolf.

“We get a variety of people in our neighboring Missouri towns and Illinois, but also out-of-towners from as far as Korea, China, and Europe,” adds Douglas.

Maybe it's the pluckiness of his picking that struck a chord with a couple of good Samaritans who told 'Raydle’ over the weekend they had a gift for him. A bonus for this busker.

“Next time I see you I’m going to bring you a brand-new guitar with a gig bag. I came out here Wednesday and bam here it is,” explains Douglas. “It’s crazy.  And she sounds beautiful.”

The good Samaritans wish to remain anonymous.  Friday around midday, the six string Alvarez was getting settled into its surroundings and Raymond Douglas plans to put it to good use for all to hear.

“That`s phenomenal,” says Douglas.  “That’s just a blessing.  It’s good to know there’s still people out there with good hearts.  All this craziness in the world and somebody comes along and does something like that, it gives you hope.”

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