North County police departments destroy unwanted firearms

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HAZELWOOD, MO - It’s a way for area police departments to free up some storage space.  It’s also way to keep unwanted firearms from being stolen or ending up in the hands of criminals.  Bridgeton Police Chief Don Hood said an event where unwanted guns were pulverized Saturday is not an attack on the right to bear arms.

“There’s been some chatter on social media that we are somehow not advocates of the 2nd amendment and that’s not the case,” said Hood.   “Law enforcement is here for public safety and we consider what we’re doing today something that will assist in public safety.”

Bridgeton, Florissant and Hazelwood Police Departments teamed up for the event with GunBusters .  The Chesterfield based company pulverizes firearms no longer wanted.  The company logs the details of each weapon and then video tapes the process of destroying them.  In some cases, the weapons were once evidence in a case that’s already been adjudicated.

“Instead of storing firearms in their property evidence rooms, they’re just storing electronic files but they still have complete proof of destruction,” said GunBusters V.P. Scott Reed.

Hood says anyone who wants to get rid of an unwanted firearm can always bring the unloaded weapon to their area police department.

“Turn it into the police department, said Hood.  “We’ll make sure that it is disposed of properly.”

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