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Thief caught on camera breaking into a Dairy Queen

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – A South County business was broken into Saturday overnight, and the manager didn't have any problem identifying the suspect.

The Dairy Queen on Lindbergh in South County was the first to start serving breakfast a few weeks ago, and when the employees arrived this morning around 6 a.m., they could sense something wasn't quite right.

That's because the cash register drawers were out, and all the cash, about $500 was missing.

Manager Brett Narzinski says he called St. Louis County Police.  When officers arrived, they looked for evidence and reviewed the surveillance video.

That video shows a man coming in the store around 3:15 this morning with gloves on.

He was in and out quick.

Narzinski says you can't see the face of the suspect in the video, but he's almost certain it's a former employee who walked out on his shift a couple weeks ago.

The suspect almost left this store high and dry the day before Mother’s Day, a day that's big business for this particular store.

Narzinski acknowledges it’s going to be tough for police to track this suspect without much physical evidence and no face.

But he's hoping anyone with information will come forward.