Families keep cool despite Mother’s Day heat

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ST. LOUIS - It was a beautiful but hot Mother’s Day across the st. Louis area. Many families spent the whole day outside. The Salinas family made their way to the St. Louis Zoo, which was packed.

“Well this is our tradition. This is what we do. We did cook out… we just had lunch. Now we’re back at it again,” said Alicia Salinas.

With nearly record-setting temperatures it’s no surprise some opted for cool treat.

“We played soccer outside, we went to Ted Drewes, and I we’re going to the park for a little bit,” said one boy.

This warm weekend will continue into the beginning of the week before we get a little break. But after what felt like a long winter some say a day in the sunshine was the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

“We knew we jump right into it at some point did we? I mean we were hoping it would be a little bit more of a glide, but we’re here, it’s hot, the Drewes is cool,” explained a Mom.

But for some cold custard just isn’t cutting it.

A young boy said, “It’s been making me want to go in the cold water just so I can cool off because it’s so hot out.”

Others picked a spot in the shade for a picnic.

“The kids picked it they pick the spot. I just met them wherever they packed. They picked a good one in the shade,” said a mother.

For many the day offered a chance to appreciate the simple pleasures of motherhood.

“These moments where it’s not stressful, you can just relax and talk. These are my favorite moments. And then watching them grow from little to big people,” she explains.

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