East St. Louis track team members have been through a roller-coaster of emotions since brawl

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EAST ST. LOUIS - East St. Louis Track Team has been on an emotional rollercoaster following the canceling of their season.

“It’s been stressful, really stressful.,” a senior track athlete said. “We been having to get up early in the morning and walk all the way down here to see if they would reimburse our season.”

After walking out of class twice, the school board approved to renew the boy's team to compete at the state-level.

That excitement proved to be short-lived.

Hours later, Illinois State Superintendent had the final say and said “No”, the team will not be competing following a brawl at a track meet.

Superintendent Arthur Culver gave more insight on his decision.

“What is not being discussed and I’m going to say it now. In addition to what happened at the event here’s some things that occurred after,” Culver said.

The Superintendent says a track member blocked an opponent school’s bus and flashed a handgun.

He went on to say a parent reported something even more freighting.

“Someone followed her and her son home,” the superintendent said. “When they got out of the car a gun was displayed.”

Culver says he’s hoping this serves as not only a sports lesson but a better life understanding to the team.

“When you’re involved in a team, your actions don’t only impact you but may impact your entire team,” Culver said.

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