Law firm says East St. Louis violated handbook by canceling track season

Brawl involving East St. Louis track team members

EAST ST. LOUIS, ILL.  – Lawyers representing one of the students on the East St. Louis High School track team have sent a letter to the school district after the season was canceled.  Raymond Mix III has hired  Sandifer-Purchase Attorneys at Law to submit a statement to East St. Louis School District 189.

The letter says the district is violating the student’s code of conduct by canceling the track season.  No students were allowed due process as outlined in the student handbook.

Read the entire letter here.

Student, athletes, and supporters gathered at the District Administrative Offices in East St. Louis Monday morning as a last-ditch effort to save their track season.

Monday is the last chance for the decision to be reversed for students to be able to participate in the state championship where they`ll have the opportunity to be scouted, recruited and secure athletic scholarships for college.

This happened after a fight broke out between students and athletes at East St. Louis High School. The junior varsity team had just completed a relay when the altercation began in the stands near the finish line and the fight quickly escalated. The fight forced officials to postpone the meet.

While many parents and students are upset about the decision, the district hopes this will be a learning experience for all students and athletes.

The team says only three members were involved in the brawl and upset the entire 40-person team is being punished and won’t be allowed to attend the state championship meet.

Students staged a walkout to district headquarters last Friday.