Greitens’ attorney says it’s an honor to be accused of “scorched earth” strategy

ST. LOUIS - Scott Rosenblum considers it an honor to have the St. Louis circuit attorney accuse the Greitens’ defense team of using "scorched earth" strategy in defending their client.

“If scorched earth is bringing to the forefront misconduct to the degree that was in this case, if it was bringing to the forefront absolute perjured testimony and to show effect that the testimony this investigation had on the case then sign me up,” said Scott Rosenblum.

The St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office disagrees with Rosenblum. They accuse him and the defense team of making statements that are incomplete and void of fact.

"Mr. Rosenblum and his team have perfected the scorched-earth strategy. They have attacked everyone associated with the multiple investigations into the governor," said Susan Ryan spokesperson for the Circuit Attorney’s Office.

Two days ago following the dismissal of the invasion of privacy charge against the governor. Rosenblum stood on the courthouse steps and said this case would not be refiled and he backed up that statement today.

“Of course I feel that way. Had this gone to trial we would have won on facts. The facts and narrative are in our favor.”

"Court cases are not decided on narratives. They are based on facts and the law. For Mr. Rosenblum to make a statement that claims the narrative was in his client's favor is arrogant and reckless, " said Ryan.

I asked Rosenblum about the "tampering" charge against the governor, but he was not ready to speak on that, but he did say that any evidence investigator William Don Tisaby obtained should be questioned.

“I think anything he touched would be tainted. He did a 9-hour deposition where no lie was too big or small that he told.”

“The defense has gone above and beyond to distract the public and media from what happened in the basement of Mr. Greitens’ home on March 2015,” Ryan added.