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Selfie taking man faces sex abuse charge

ST. CHARLES, Mo. - St. Charles County prosecutors charged 33-year-old Adham Hijaz Wednesday with sexual abuse. He’s accused of groping a woman while taking a selfie together at a Target parking lot.

According to charging documents, on April 24, the victim was gathering signatures for a petition in the parking lot of the Target located at 3800 Mexico Road. Hijaz signed his name, struck up a conversation with the woman then asked if she'd take a selfie with him. She agreed.

That's when St. Charles police said Hijaz made his move, wrapping his arm around her, grabbing and pinching her breast, and even trying to kiss her.

Court documents show that Hijaz didn't stop trying. The Probable Cause states Hijab asked to kiss the victim to which she replied, "she could not do that."

When she tried to get away, he got in his car and followed her until she started walking toward the Target entrance.

Hijaz was arrested and is in jail. Police don’t believe there are any other victims.