St. Louis first responders get $18 million in salary and benefits after Prop P enacted

Mayor Lyda Krewson

ST. LOUIS, MO — Mayor Lyda Krewson says the budget for the fiscal year 2019 will include an additional $18 million in salary & benefits for police officers and firefighters.  She is thanking voters for passing Prop P last November.

Prop P will a sales tax increase to provide funding for first responders in the City of St. Louis. Voters in the city passed the proposition by a margin of 60-percent to 40-percent.

Mayor Lyda Krewson said in 2017 that she is among those who support the measure.  She said that the city needs to pay officers competitively, especially with the recent raise approved for St. Louis County police officers.

There was some opposition to the proposition, especially after the controversy surrounding some police actions during protests following the Jason Stockley ruling.

Mayor Krewson says as it stands now, city officers start out making $42,000 a year. County officers are expected to start at $52,000 with the recent raise approved for them.

St. Louis City police and firefighters will receive a $6,000 raise because of Prop P. The city`s existing sales tax rate went from 9.2 to 9.7 percent in April.