St. Louisans weigh into ‘laurel’ or ‘yanny’

ST. LOUIS - Fox 2 interviewed a local clinical audiologist after a great debate on the internet about the way people are hearing the word 'laurel.' Thousands of people have debated about what they are hearing, some reported to hear 'laurel,' while others said they heard 'yanny' in the recording.

Laura Horowitz, a clinical audiologist, said many factors play in.

"It's a recording of a recording and in that recording, it introduced some high-pitched distortion into the signal," she said. "Speech is very complex, it’s a combination of a number of different pitches of sounds so when you get it all together and add in some distortion on top of what people can start to hear different things."

She said what you hear might also depend on your age since many older individuals have high-pitched hearing loss.