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ST. LOUIS - You’ve heard of pop-up restaurants, pop-concerts, and pop-up boutiques. But what about pop-up CPR?

“It’s brand new. And we’re excited about it,” said Tracey Swabby, Business Development Manager for Abbott EMS.

The pop-up CPR training will take place during National National Emergency Services Week, May 20-26. Abbott and American Medical Response operations will provide free coaching in compression-only CPR.

“It takes two minutes, to learn how to save a life,” Swabby said. “I think people really want to help other people. But I think the whole concept of mouth-to-mouth and compressions scares people. So now when you take that out, and you start with compressions, it’s already proven to have better results, anyway.”

The training is scheduled at two locations:

May 21: Chick-Fil-A in Fairview Heights, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. (Partnership with the Maplewood Fire Department)

May 22: Maplewood Walmart 9 a.m. to noon.

But the training will also take a more spontaneous note. For the first time both organizations will take their “show” to the road.

“We’ll have a little ambulance around, finding big groups of people. And we’ll jump out and teach them how to save a life. That’s what we do,” Swabby said.

She said she hopes the ‘on the road’ feature will appeal to many people who are out and about.

“Everybody has pop-up spas, and everything else. So we’re going to try, and see if we can reach as many people as possible.”

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