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ATM skimmers found at Metro East credit union

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WATERLOO, IL - A warning tonight after police suspect someone of trying to steal bank card information.

It happened at two branches of the Scott Credit Union.

“I came to get some money out of the ATM until you just told me about some scam thing or something going on,” said customer Thomas Heavner.

It’s called a skimmer, and the device can be used to steal your card information.

Police found skimmers at two separate Scott Credit Union ATM locations, one in Waterloo, and the other in Millstadt.

That has customers concerned.

“Yeah, you don’t think that stuff goes on around here,” said Dave Kronk.

But around 3:30 p.m. on Saturday Police say a man stopped at the Scott Credit Union ATM in Millstadt and noticed the skimmer.

He pulled it out and took this photo. Then he called police to report what he had found and gave them the device.

They launched an investigation and have since been working with the credit union to get video of the suspect.

Police say the credit union has notified all possible victims and that only a small amount of people may have been compromised at the Waterloo location.

“I have not received any emails or notifications and that, but then again I haven’t checked email since this morning. I did check my email this morning, but I didn’t check my account. However, when I get home I will check it here shortly, “said Kronk.

Police suggest that anyone who has visited either the Millstadt or Waterloo Scott credit union locations should check their bank statements for any suspicious activity and contact them if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

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