McCaskill’s campaign stop in St. Louis features potential presidential candidate

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ST. LOUIS - Amid political Turmoil at the state and national level, U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill held a campaign stop in St. Louis. She was joined by someone who may be a presidential hopeful.

Senator Claire McCaskill Hosted a campaign stop here Sunday joined by U.S. Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey.  This comes at a divisive time in Missouri politics, that’s been shrouded in scandal.

McCaskill highlighted the need for Missourians to come out to the polls, if there’s any chance in fixing what going in the current political climate.

Sunday’s campaign stop comes as McCaskill’s likely opponent Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley Was under scrutiny last week in a Politico article where prominent Republicans voiced their concerns over the way he’s running his campaign. Just this week on Hawley’s website he released a statement in reference to President Trumps nomination for CIA Director saying quote” Claire McCaskill again voted the way Chuck Schumer and her liberal donors wanted, and it’s clear that’s who she’s answering to, not the people of Missouri.” “Adding that the choice is, quote “all because she opposes Trump”.

Between political controversy at the national level and scandal here in Missouri, Fox 2 asked voters and candidates if this would impact turn out at the polls.

“I think what Senator McCaskill and Senator Booker I think made clear in as many words is that what republican failures are not democratic successes so we have to be better and this is not us against them. Yes we do have problems, yes we have concerns but we also have to propose solutions not just point out where the issues have arisen with the Governor Greitens or President Trump.”,” said Mark Osmack District 2 U.S. Congressional Candidate.

“I hope it motivates people to go to the polls. It may just turn people off and they don’t want to and then that leaves it to the people who do show up,” said John Mullen.

“I think it’s getting more people involved but the main thing is it young people need to vote,” said voter Katherine Dresher.

To check your voter registration status you can go to

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