Lawmakers read Greitens’ grand jury transcripts

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Missouri state lawmakers involved in the special session began publicly reading into the record the previously secret testimony of a woman involved in an extramarital affair with the governor.

A special House investigatory committee began reading out loud the transcripts of the woman's testimony to a St. Louis grand jury that indicted Greitens on an invasion-of-privacy charge.

They also plan to read the woman's testimony, taken in depositions by Greitens' attorneys.

The criminal charge was dropped last week, but a special prosecutor is considering whether to refile that charge or others stemming from what Greitens has described as a consensual affair.

The Missouri House panel is considering whether to try to impeach Greitens in an attempt to remove him from office. The committee did vote to prohibit Greitens' lawyers from cross-examining any committee witness.

Ross Garber, a lawyer for the governor's office, said that move will obstruct the truth.

“On the other jurisdictions in which I've handled impeachments, the governor's office has never been shut out of the process like this,” he said.

Garber said he’s handled impeachment cases in Connecticut, Alabama, and South Carolina. In those instances, the South Carolina governor was not impeached, and the governors of Connecticut and Alabama resigned.

Missouri House committee chairman Jay Barnes said he believes it may take until Saturday before they finish reading more than 700 pages of grand jury testimony into the record.

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