Firefighters rescue worker stuck in concrete in south St. Louis County

ST. LOUIS, MO — Firefighters were at a construction site in the 600 block of Landor Court in Lemay, Missouri.  They rescued a worker that was stuck in a large bin at around 9am Thursday.  He was taken away from the scene in an ambulance.  He was conscious when they took him away from the scene.  The extent of his injuries is not known at this time.

The sewer worker became stuck after a partial collapse at an excavation site.  He was stuck in cement from the waist down.  Firefighters had to dig him out with hand tools.

It took firefighters around 30 minutes to extricate the sewer worker.  It took them another 15 minutes to lift the worker out of the bin by stretcher and deliver him to an ambulance.

Firefighters say that it appears all safety measures were in place.  Construction workers are working on "Project Clear."  It is an initiative by the EPA and the Missouri Coalition on the Environment to remove stormwater from sewer lines.  These workers are disconnecting the stormwater pipes from sewer lines to help prevent overflows.  This can mean working 20-25 feet underground.