Motorist should expect delays during I-270 construction in North County

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO - MoDOT released details on upcoming construction that will impact drivers who use 270 through North County. The construction begins in June.

Drivers in North County who use I-70 and Lucas and Hunt, or route 'U' interchange, as well as I-270 near Dorsett,  will want to find another way around the areas. MoDOT said drivers can expect increased congestion since 270 will only have three lanes open northbound and southbound from 70 to Dorsett road.

MoDOT staff said drivers may experience up to 30-minute delays, especially during the morning and evening rush. The lane closures are expected to last through late July and will include a two-week closure of the northbound ramp to Dorsett.

In addition, on June 11th, drivers will notice a ramp closure as well as some changes in traffic patterns on the 70 and Lucas and Hunt interchange. Crews will close the westbound 70 exit ramp to Lucas and Hunt. The Ramp will remain closed for seven weeks.

Also, drivers traveling on northbound Lucas and Hunt will access westbound 70 from the left lane. The current exit ramp from the right lane will close permanently.