Anamorphic artwork to be on display at the Science Center

ST. LOUIS - Alice in Wonderland would be proud of this artwork. Co-creator Chelsea Ritter-Soronen certainly is.

“All anamorphic artwork is mathematical calculations and we use a grid system,” says Chelsea Ritter-Soronen, co-creator of Pavement Portals. “We had to train ourselves to paint so the augmented camera could learn the project as well.”

Chalk Riot partnered with Art St. Louis and tech company Heavy Projects are bringing art and the intersection of technology to St. Louis sidewalks this week.

“But when they see something that jumps out at them from an environment they're otherwise totally familiar with, they can't help but engage with it, especially when there's a technology element involved with it,” says Chandler Branch, Art St. Louis.

The interactive idea is to get people to download an app and get to know a neighborhood in a new way.

Using mathematics, paint, and canvas and double-sided tape, the pavement portals are as flat as Flat Stanley.

But coupled with a smartphone or tablet and you are taken to an interactive art world.

“The painting process became slower than usual because we were always looking at it through a phone and tablets,” says Ritter-Soronen.

You can dive down your own rabbit hole and experience the 21st-century sidewalk chalk art evolved at the St. Louis Science Center Friday.