Normandy School Collaborative launches investigation over video alleging excessive force on student

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – The Barack Obama Elementary School employee said he has no ax to grind with the school district but wants to get the word out about how he says overly aggressive things can get inside of this elementary school.

The footage, given to Fox 2 by an employee and blurred out to protect the identity of students allegedly shows the assistant principal trying to restrain a 3rd-grade student.

The concerned employee, who asked to remain anonymous, is claiming the administrator used unreasonable force in the altercation.

“When I see things like this I feel vulnerable,” the worker said. “I feel at a crossroad because I know I am a mandated reporter.”

It’s unclear what led up to what you’re seeing in the video, but it’s an occurrence the worker says he witnesses often.

“Unfortunately, it’s almost become the norm of the building that this is just what it is,” the employee said.

That’s why when this happened, the employee tells Fox 2 he had to pull out his phone and capture it on video.

“Certain things are caught on camera and certain things are left unseen unless approached,” he said.

Normandy School Collaborative declined an on-camera interview request but released this statement about the incident saying

"Once the video was shared with us, we immediately began an investigation into this matter. We want to be sure to gather all the facts and interview the relevant parties to ensure all processes were followed related to the safety of all students involved. As this is a personnel matter that also involves a student, this is all the information we can share at this time."

The concerned worker, on the other hand, is hoping more is done to address this issue.

“I think that children should learn by example and if we’re teaching children not to fight and not to use aggression and not to use their size on other children,” he said. “I think that message is being tarnished when it happens from our administration.”