Cardinals host short film contest for local high schools

ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Cardinals are looking to find the next Fellini or Scorsese in St. Louis to tell their baseball story in a high school video challenge.

“Ours is like where you take Ozzie and for some reason, he’s trapped in the CHS video production room with our school mascot the greyhound and, I guess, the whole premise is that Fredbird comes in and saves Ozzie from joining our school baseball team,” said Sean Kim, student director.

For the third year in a row, the Cardinal baseball team held a contest asking schools to submit their best homemade video. The rules: the teens would have to stand in for Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith and Fredbird.

From Rockwood to Owensville, high school students grabbed a camera, their friends and started scripting out their concepts for the Cardinals.

“There are jobs in baseball that don’t involve hitting or throwing a baseball,” said Ron Watermon, VP Communications for the St. Louis Cardinals. “There are creative jobs and jobs in communications. We do a lot with video and we thought why not let them get a chance to do what we do every day.”

On Thursday afternoon at Clayton High School, also their last day of the year, the winning school got paid a visit from the real-life Ozzie Smith and Fredbird.

“I’ve had a chance to perform at the Muny a few times, so it’s all in good fun,” Smith said. “The fact they were creative enough to win the contest and get me here, it speaks volumes to their commitment.”

“Weren’t sure how he was going react to it and he was really down to earth and it turned out great,” Kim said.

“It opens their minds to new possibilities,” Watermon said. “The promise and possibilities of pursuing a career in a creative way. For me what something like this teaches is not only creativity but collaboration.”