Gardner answers—and dodges—questions about Greitens prosecution

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ST. LOUIS - The St. Louis Circuit Attorney answered questions for the first time about her prosecution of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

Kim Gardner spoke in front of St. Louis City’s Ways and Means Committee. She told committee members her prosecution of the governor did not negatively affect other criminal cases.

She said, so far, it’s cost her office $65,000 to handle the two cases against Governor Greitens. She acknowledged the total could increase

“Today it’s ($65,000), but I know one thing, it’s not going to be a million dollars,” Gardner said. “It’s not going to be $100,000.”

The circuit attorney also told budget leaders she’s almost out of money for the court diversionary program, which is designed to get offenders treatment over jail.

Reporter Chris Hayes asked the Circuit Attorney:

Did the circuit attorney’s office use any diversionary money to prosecute the governor?

“No, we did not,” Gardner said. “The day-to-day prosecutors were allowed to focus on their jobs. The everyday working of the office did not suffer and actually, we issued more cases during this time.”

Fox 2/KPLR 11 asked Gardner about her agreement to dismiss the computer tampering case, which also keeps her private investigator—William Don Tisaby—from being sued for his alleged lies.

Was it appropriate for Gardner to enter into an agreement to waive any civil liability, even of her consultants?

“I can’t speak to that,” Gardner said. “I cannot talk about the agreement.”

She told budget leaders she was proud of her partnership with police and her office's technological advances.

When asked about the 10 minutes of silence on the video deposition of Greitens’ mistress—identified only as “KS”—Gardner answered, “I’m not going to speak on that.”

Alderman Joe Vaccaro said, “Her answers today – ‘I’m going to look into it and I’ll get you those numbers’ – I can tell you this much. I will get the numbers,” said St. Louis Alderman Joe Vaccaro.

Vaccaro did not get an answer to his question about how much it cost to hire outside prosecutor Ronald Sullivan. But Vaccaro said he’s got more questions.

“It seems to me that the answers were vague,” he said.

Gardner gave one other figure, saying her office spent exactly 10 percent of the total bill on that private investigator accused of perjury. She said Tisaby had been paid $6,500.

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