Good weather is a blessing for some businesses, others not so much

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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO - Plenty of customers at University Gardens  in University City were celebrating the break in the heat Sunday.

“It’s beautiful,” said one customer.

Nancy Wolfmeyer is the weekend manager and said business slows down when temperatures get too hot.

“The sun is shining, skies are blue, everything is green, it’s beautiful,” she said.  “A day without sweating is good day in this business.  It was a great day.”

Just down the street from University Gardens the operator of a sidewalk snack shop said the extreme heat was good for sales.  He said bottled water is one of his biggest sellers and said the proceeds go to help homeless veterans.

“When it’s not that hot we don’t raise a lot of money,” said Shelumiel Bay.  He said no matter which direction the weather turns, he’ll continue selling water for charity.

“No veteran should be homeless,” said Bay.  “I don’t think anybody who goes and serves for this country should come back here and not have a place.  That’s ridiculous.”

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