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Soulard residents and workers on edge after second shooting

ST. LOUIS – Two shootings in a weeks’ time has left the Soulard neighborhood on edge.

A male victim was shot in the knee early Sunday morning.

Witnesses say the man was riding a bike here on Russell and threw rocks onto the Bastille’s patio just after midnight.

A worker across the street at Joanie’s Pizzeria ran out to tell him to leave and that’s when the man fired shots at the worker.  The worker returned fire striking the man in the knee.

St. Louis police say the man suffered non-life-threatening injuries, and was dropped off at Barnes hospital in a private vehicle.

But this most recent shooting comes just 5 days after a fatal shooting outside Bastille, when 51-year-old John Keene who was known as “Peyton” was shot to death outside of the bar he worked at for more than 15 years.

“There’s so many business owners that contribute into the neighborhood, and I’m very very disappointed in our alderman Jack Coatar and our Mayor Lyda Krewson. We had a murder here, very dear friend on Monday night and last night we also had another altercation where bullets were flying. I’m sorry, but I totally think we deserve better protection, “said John Martinelli a Bastille worker.

“We spent time at this bar as well and it’s something we know from the neighborhood. It just makes you scared to be anywhere actually, because there’s not any leads or any suspects or anything so there’s people are still out there,” says Anna Dismang, a Soulard resident.

A remembrance benefit for Peyton Keene is set for 9 pm on Monday here at Bastille.