Big plans, bigger construction heading to Chesterfield Valley

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CHESTERFIELD, MO – Big plans and even bigger construction is expected for Chesterfield Valley.

The highly-anticipated Top Golf is inching towards its completion, Staenberg Group newly-owned outlet mall will be receiving a full rebranding and there’s a prospective buyer for the once-popular Chesterfield Mall.

“I think because it brings more business out to the Chesterfield area especially after losing Chesterfield Mall and the addition to the outlet malls I thought was really nice,” resident LaGreen Walker said.

Everything seems to be going perfect for the suburban St. Louis city, now turning in to a hot spot attraction.

The only problem, some Chesterfield residents are not so excited about the new developments.

“I don’t really like them building a whole lot of stuff,” Brianna Brooks said. “I feel like there is a lot of Chesterfield already.”

That preservation mindset is what stopped Carvana and their car vending machines at level one.

The car company withdrew its innovative car buying project after some backlash from homeowners.

The residents biggest concern, the building would obstruct their scenic view.

“Where I live we don’t have a lot of anything because it’s just buildings, buildings, buildings,” Brooks said.

Staenberg Group, on the other hand, is moving forward with its plan for a facelift to a struggling outlet mall the company recently bought.

The district will serve as the new name for the expected entertainment hub.

The group’s goal is to compliment Top Golf being built next door.

“I think it’ll be a lot more fun,” Madeline Johnson said. “It will bring more entertainment to the city and make us bigger than we already are.”

And what about Chesterfield Mall.

A Georgia retail-real estate company is expected to buy the once-bustling shopping center, according to our partners at the Post-Dispatch.

There’s no word on the company’s plan for the property.

When Fox 2 reached out for a comment we were told the company would not be speaking on this development at this time.

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