Comments by school board member causes controversy

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O’FALLON, IL - Some people in the O’Fallon IL School District 90 are calling for the resignation of school board member Steve Springer who is accused to making prejudicial and Islamophobic comments.

Ray Roskos, a parent and teacher union representative, said this all started when Springer protested a library program at a city council meeting. “He protested a program and a book that dealt with civil rights it dealt with de-segregation of schools and it dealt with women’s rights,” said Roskos.

After that Roskos put in a freedom of information acts request for emails between Springer and other school board members. In the emails the board was discussing a transgender student who had requested to use the nurse’s office to change for PE and to the use the restroom.

In one of the emails Springer wrote, in part, “I would like to discuss/address what needs to be done for/with ‘transgender’ students in this case and in the future. A child with serious ‘confusion’ issues needs professional assistance, and not at taxpayer expense!”

Springer said he made this comment to point out that policies needed to be changed. “My entire point in making those comments about transgender students was to get a policy in place for our students so we can provide guidance to our administrators so they react appropriately and in accordance with board policy in the future,” Springer said. “Those comments lead to the revision of board policy almost one year to the date later.”

Springer went on in the email to say “The issue is here and we need to deal with it. Next up?? Yes, next will be a place for Mohamed to wash his little feet and face Mecca three times during the school day.”

During a school board meeting Monday night some people said someone with Springers opinions should not be making school policy. There were also people there who spoke on Springers behalf, crediting what he has done with the school budget.

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