St. Louis man says he’s lucky to be alive after vehicle fire

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ST. LOUIS - St. Louis man who was driving west on I-64 Sunday afternoon says he is lucky to be alive.  His Honda SUV struck a box spring that was on the highway.  He said a mattress was in the lane next to him and was run over by another vehicle. St. Louis Police say that box spring likely ruptured the SUV’s fuel line igniting a fire.

The man shared photos of what happened next.  His SUV went up in flames and was burned down to the frame.  The owner lost a laptop and his laundry in the fire.  He’s hoping someone can help him identify the person responsible for the box spring so he can turn that information over to his insurance company.

He says this happened on westbound I-64 just before the Hampton overpass on Sunday at approximately 2:45 p.m.

“I pulled off onto the Skinker off-ramp, looked under and noticed that box spring was lodged under there and had ignited,” said the driver.  He asked us to keep his name private because he said he was still so shaken up from the fire that nearly cost him his life.

“It was happening real fast,” said the man.  “I just got out, got ahold of the metal pieces and tried to yank it out from underneath the car.”

The box spring was wedged underneath his vehicle and the fire was spreading.  He tried backing up but the box spring remained wedged underneath.

“I got out and looked under and noticed the fire had grown a lot and decided to back away before I caused any harm to myself.”

He said one minute later his entire vehicle burning.  He has a message for anyone hauling items on the highway.

“Tie down your items,” he said.  “Make sure that if you’re going to travel on the highway you’re going to do so in a manner that’s safe to yourself and others.”

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