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Two shootings days apart put Soulard community on high alert, residents demand more security

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ST. LOUIS - A Sunday overnight shooting has the Soulard community on high alert.

It’s the second shooting after 51-year-old Peyton Keene, a bartender was gunned down last week outside of The Bastille on Russell Boulevard.

Witnesses said that the suspect during Sunday’s shooting was riding a bike on Russell and threw rocks onto the bar’s patio just after midnight.

A worker across the street at Joanie’s Pizzeria ran out to tell him to leave and that’s when the man fired shots at the worker.  The worker returned fire striking the man in the knee. Police said the suspect suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital.  Meanwhile, Monday night it was more of a celebration of the 51-year-old the bartender’s life.“Peyton was always really a positive, nice guy and was very well liked in the community,” said Keene’s co-worker, Michael Klataske, “so the fact that this happened has left people very confused.”

Keene worked at the bar for more than 15 years.

Tuesday night’s remembrance benefit brought out a police presence but some people whom Fox 2 spoke with said they are still on edge.

“People are a little apprehensive at this point. I know I am,” said Keene’s friend and bar customer John Martinelli. “I don’t really want to go out after dark.”

“Definitely makes you kind of check over your shoulder a little bit more,” said resident, Dakota Cane.

While some people said they have noticed stepped up patrolling, others seemed to disagree.

“I think we need more security,” said Martinelli, “we pay for it and it’s something we are entitled to.”

“I wrote a letter to the mayor,” said Klataske, “I want to know what’s going on, I mean if I know four people have been shot, that’s a problem so I want to know what are we doing to deter crime? To deter criminals?”

Friends and family are collecting donations for Keen’s funeral expenses at

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