Children still recovering after being struck by car

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ST. LOUIS – Five months after receiving a call that threw her into a panic, LaShonda Adams is still trying to come to grips on five of her relatives being hit at the intersection of Nola Avenue and Hanley Road.

At that time, two of her children walked away with minor bruises, while one had to be treated for a serious brain injury.

“It’s been stressful, something like a nightmare,” Adams said.

Eventually, Adams’ 11-year-old son, Josiah, got better and was taken off a ventilator. Though the injuries may be in the past, the Adams says her son deals with the traumatizing memories every day.

“He’s afraid of cars,” she said. “I can’t take him anywhere. He’s afraid of shadows and most important of it all, he’s afraid of her coming back to hurt him.”

St. Louis County police say the 57-year-old woman behind the wheel had a medical issue while driving and struck five kids.

Authorities say the case at that time was not considered a criminal matter, but just a very unfortunate incident.

No matter how the case was ruled, it’s left Adams with more questions than answers.

“It hurts,” she said. “It breaks me down mentally, physically, emotionally.”

While trying to help her children back to recovery, Adams says she’s had her challenges. With the amount of attention her son needs, it’s led to her losing a job.

“In the midst of all that, I’m losing everything that I worked hard for and mainly my kids ‘happiness,” Adams said.

Adams’ mother, Tracey Bass, says she plans to help out as much as she can like any parent would.

“She about at the end of her rope,” Bass said. “Frustrated, tired, and depressed.”

Bass says it hurts seeing her daughter and grandchildren suffer from the aftermath.

“They’re alright,” the grandmother said. “It’s hard but we will get through it.”

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