Jefferson County to hold special meeting over financial crisis

HILLSBORO, Mo. – A special county council meeting has been called for Friday evening after Jefferson County Executive Ken Waller said the county government is facing a crisis.

Waller said County Auditor Richard Carter III abruptly resigned Wednesday night and that Counselor Tony Dorsett submitted his resignation on Thursday.

This turmoil is in response to the county council voting to approve budget amendments and voting to override Waller's veto of the council's budget bill.

Waller said the county now has an unbalanced budget, which is against the charter. Typically, the county auditor would have final say on whether to pay bills on an unbalanced budget, but Waller said the auditor resigned, citing that he’d been put in an unethical and illegal position.

Waller said all emergency services, such as the sheriff`s department, will continue to operate during this financial problem. He said the next payroll appropriation isn’t until the end of the month.

Waller said he’s optimistic that a compromise can be reached to avoid what could be a government shutdown.

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