Pam Hupp returns to court for evidentiary hearing

ST. CHARLES, Mo- Pam Hupp will appear in court Friday and she may hear some of the evidence she'll face at trial. As many as 11 witnesses could testify including the woman who Hupp reportedly targeted before allegedly killing Louis Gumpenberger.

O’Fallon Police arrested Hupp for murder in August of 2016. She claimed Gumpenberger, a man with disabilities, forced himself into her home.  She said she shot him in self- defense. Police and prosecutors said it was not only murder but that Hupp planned it over many days. They said she looked for someone vulnerable and found Gumpenberger.   The St. Charles county prosecutor called it an elaborate plot to deflect attention from another unsolved murder.

Hupp is scheduled for trial in September. The courts will bus in jurors from the other side of the state, Clay County, because of the tremendous publicity surrounding this case.