Local man hopes to inspire people to pick-up trash

ST. LOUIS - A local man is leading a global effort to rid the world of trash.  Matthew Stephen says it starts with one bag at a time.  Stephen was at Bellerive Park in St. Louis Saturday.  He was picking up trash and inviting others to take part in a challenge.

Stephen hopes people from all 50 states will participate in the challenge of picking up one bag of trash.  He’s asking anyone who participates to take a photo of their bag of trash and post it to social media with the tag #justonebag and #5050 challenge.

Stephen said he started the idea when he didn’t have enough money to buy gifts for friends.  He thought picking up trash was a good way to do something for his community.

“I hope that it allows people to know that it really only takes a second to care and that it opens them up to doing more,” said Stephen.

For more information you can visit the Just One Bag Project Facebook page.