Family races against time to find missing father

WENTZVILLE, MO – The search is on for Archie Weaver whose been missing since last Friday.

Family members say they last saw the 55-year-old man after he left his brother’s apartment and decided to walk home.

“Saturday morning, I got into his apartment,” his daughter Loni Herbst said. “Just to make sure he was okay and he was not in his apartment.”

Herbst says her father suffers from dementia and sometimes becomes disoriented.

That’s why his disappearance has her on high alert.

“What is going through his mind like he got to be confused and it makes me feel really sad that I’m not there for him,” she said.

Days went by and still no sign of her father.

So, Herbst says she put up a Facebook post asking if anyone has seen her dad.

The woman tells me someone told her they spotted him at the gas station in Wentzville, 15 miles away from his home.

His ex-wife Robbyn Machnicki says she’s baffled by this disappearance.

“It’s very hard and we don’t know what to do next,” Machnicki said. “The not knowing is the worst part!”

In a last-ditch effort to find Weaver, almost a dozen of his family members started canvassing the area passing out flyers.

“Somebody has got to see him,” the ex-wife said. “There’s been over a thousand shares on Facebook. Somebody knows something!”

With her father’s health problems on the top of her mind, Herbst is hoping that he is found sooner rather than later.

“He’s out here in the heat,” Herbst said. “That’s going to make him even more confused. Who else is going to give him water and know he’s missing. I need to find him and get him help.”

Family members are hanging up flyers like this everywhere, so if you see him you are encouraged to contact authorities.