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Where to watch Fox 2 News during the US Open and World Cup soccer

Starting Thursday, June 14, FOX Network will carry a significant amount of sports programming during the day because of the U.S. Open golf tournament and the World Cup soccer tournament. Some of this programming will overlap our local FOX 2 News programs.

For viewers who would prefer to watch FOX 2 News, we’re offering an alternative way to watch. Below is a calendar of the news programs that will be impacted.

1) News programs highlighted in blue will be preempted entirely.

2) News programs highlighted in yellow will air on KTVI 2.2 Antenna TV and digitally stream on

To stream now, CLICK HERE and hit the PLAY button.

If you see a “We’ll be right back” message, that means the live broadcast is in a commercial break. When the newscast returns from the break, the stream will automatically activate. You may also stream live from the FOX 2 News St. Louis app on your tablet or mobile device.

Those yellow highlighted newscasts will also air on our digital sub-channel, KTVI 2.2 Antenna TV.

(For the full summer sports schedule, CLICK HERE)

You may pick up the digital sub-channel KTVI 2.2 one of two ways

  • On Spectrum Cable, you will find KTVI 2.2 Antenna TV is available on Channel 189. For additional help on where to find KTVI 2.2 Antenna TV based on your zip code, CLICK HERE.
  • Over the Air (OTA) KTVI Antenna TV is the ascending channel after Channel 2.

If you use Over the Air (OTA) with an antenna and are having trouble finding 2.2, you may need to rescan your TV. Each TV is a little different, but a good place to start is the Main Menu or Settings screen. Then look for the rescan option and follow the on-screen prompts. If you are a recent cord-cutter, you may need an antenna to get clear reception of KTVI FOX 2’s over-the-air signals. Antennas these days are compact and quite simple to set up.

You can also stream live from the FOX2 News App on your mobile device.

You can find The Thread Sunday mornings at 7 a.m. on KPLR 11.

Below you’ll find the Fox 2 News programming schedule for June 11 – July 15. Scroll down to find a particular date and time.