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Human remains found along Hwy 61 in Lincoln County

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TROY, Mo. - The search for a missing 55-year-old man may have come to an end, but it’s not the conclusion police and his loved one had hoped.

On Thursday morning, a passerby discovered a badly decomposed body alongside a ditch in Lincoln County. Police could not confirm if this was the body of Archie Weaver, who went missing June 8, but suspect this could be him.

“When we went through his pockets to try to find any identification and in his wallet, there was a Mr. Weaver identification,” said Det. Tony Stewart, Troy Police Department.

Detective Stewart admitted it’s been a hard time trying to track him down. The detective said Weaver's battle with dementia didn’t help either.

"We followed any lead that we got,” Stewart said. “Unfortunately, none of those leads panned out.”

Weaver’s family has been searching for him since last Friday. At one time, his daughter Lori Herbst, said her dad went missing after walking home from his brother’s house.

On Tuesday, Weaver’s family members passed out "missing persons" flyers in Wentzville, where someone said they spotted him.

Just two days later, Dakota Smith said he noticed a body as he drove off the freeway.

“I saw something unusual out of the ordinary and I wish I would’ve stopped because when I glanced over, I seen a body lying in the ditch,” Smith said.

The remains were located alongside Highway 61 and Highway U, about 7 miles away from his home.

When police arrived, they said it was clear the body had been there for some time. Due to the blazing heat, Detective Stewart said the remains were so decomposed they couldn't be identified.

“Due to the level of decomposition, I’m not sure what the body has left to tell us,” Stewart said.

Since the body had been so decomposed, there’s no word right now is foul play is suspected. Troy police are relying on an autopsy to answer some of the burning questions in this mysterious disappearance and discovery.

Weaver’s family has chosen not to speak on this discovery at the moment. They plan to wait for the completion of an autopsy before making a statement.

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