Good Samaritan saves overdosing man’s life after crash on I-44 on-ramp

ST. LOUIS - Truck driver Chris Conner was on his normal Friday route when he saw a car that was partially blocking the on-ramp from Arsenal onto Interstate 44. He jumped out of his truck and found a guy in the car slumped over with a needle in his lap. Conner said the man was convulsing and drooling, then started turning blue.

Conner called 911. He said the driver’s foot was still on the gas but the back wheel had gotten stuck on a curb. If not for that, Conner the diver may have ended up in the middle of the highway.

When paramedics arrived, they gave the driver a dose of Narcan and then he was free to go.

Conner was shocked. He thought police should have been there to detain the driver.

St. Louis Fire Capt. Garon Mosby said that unless the scene is dangerous, police are not dispatched to overdose calls. He said their protocol is to administer Narcan and then assess the individual.

“If you can answer a series of questions and your level of consciousness is in an acceptable parameter, then you have the ability to sign a refusal because at that point you are deemed medically competent,” said Mosby.

If someone is deemed mentally competent and they refuse additional medical attention, Mosby said EMS cannot legally detain anyone.