Aquaport reopens after vandals leave behind broken glass

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. - With the excessive heat warning in effect through Monday make sure you stay cool and enjoy some pool time.

The Aquaport in Maryland Heights has been closed since Tuesday so pool staff could clean up broken glass that the vandals left behind.

Crews had to do extensive clean-up after vandals broke into the facility last week.

Officials say it appears the vandals scaled the fence surrounding the pool, got in the water and attempted to use the slides.

The biggest problem was the vandals left behind broken glass which forced the staff to temporarily close Aquaport as a safety precaution.

Crews had to remove all the glass, drain the pool, clean it up, and then refill it.

The staff says they are looking into ways to prevent these kinds of acts from shutting down the business in the future.

"We are exploring taller fences, more security cameras that enhance footage quality and increase police patrols during off hours. We are just exploring ideas so this does not happen again," said Gabby Macaluso, Communications Manager,

Police are still looking for the vandals and anyone with information is asked to contact the Maryland Heights Police department.

Aquaport will reopen Saturday at 11 a.m.