Bipartisan work yields gun bills, fate rests with Rauner

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Three major pieces of legislation aimed at curbing gun violence won approval this spring in answer to seemingly ever-increasing mass shootings.

There’s a plan overwhelmingly endorsed by the General Assembly for licensing firearms dealers to try to put a dent in illegal gun purchases.

There’s a proposed expanded waiting period for delivery of all guns. Current law requires a 72-hour wait for handguns and 24 hours for long guns. The bill would require a 72-hour wait for all guns.

And a plan to allow family members to ask a judge to take away weapons from dangerous people was approved.

Only the waiting period bill has been sent to Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner so far.

A spokeswoman says Rauner wants lawmakers to adopt a “comprehensive” plan, including restoring the death penalty.