The Thread – Spring Training!

(Note: This week's show is an encore presentation.)

ST. LOUIS - As the big leaguers head to spring training, Team Thread is doing the same! Tim is working on his game and it needs a lot of work! Coach CJ Bilbrey of Harris-Stowe State University is trying to get Tim in game-shape.

Speaking of challenges, learn how a tragedy on a St. Louis lake has turned into a source of blessing for many. See how a local family moved to make a home for a boy in Bulgaria. Witness how one organization is stepping up to provide a home for many in St. Louis. Discover how Matt and Leslee Holliday deal with transitions in their home life. And learn if Tim is Major League material. I think we know the answer to that last one...but it'll be a hoot to watch! Join the fun, Saturday at 8:30 a.m on Fox 2.