Thieves get tripped up in attempted gun shop smash and grab

ST. CHARLES, MO - Surveillance video from a St. Charles County gun shops shows 4 suspects attempting a smash and grab robbery at approximately 6:45 a.m. Saturday. The suspects broke the glass of Alien Armory Tactical located on West Clay St. near Interstate 70 and Zumbehl Road.  The suspects were slowed down by a trip wire and ran away after alarms sounded.

“It’s disappointing to see this stuff happen,” said owner Frank Bahr.  He cited several recent break-ins at area guns shops.   “We thought it was over.  The guys got caught but apparently there’s more than one group of dummies out there that is willing to take a risk like that.”

Bahr said the attack was a waste of time because all firearms are secured each night.  Nothing was taken. The owner was left behind with a mess of broken glass.

“You’re not going to get anything,” said Alien Armory Tactical Consultant Shane Wilkinson.  “You will get nothing but a criminal record.”

Bahr said the suspects were lucky they only ran into a trip wire.  He said other gun shops have even more elaborate defenses when it comes to protecting their property.

“Quit wasting your time,” said Wilkinson.   “You’re going to get nothing from us.  You know the worst that’s going to happen is you’re going to come in here one day when we’re in here early and you’re going to get shot.”