Owner of “Gus Gus Fun Bus” struck in downtown St. Louis following attempted robbery

ST. LOUIS - Molly Jones has been on an emotional rollercoaster after getting word her dad, Gus Gus Fun Bus Owner Mike Arnold, had been hit by a car in downtown St. Louis.


“This guy could’ve killed my dad and we’re all worried that he might not make it,” Jones said, “Definitely very hard that somebody purposely ran him down and could’ve ended his life.”


St. Louis police say two people, including Arnold, were hit sometime during an attempted robbery just after noon on Saturday. The incident happened less than a block away from the Taste of Downtown St. Louis. Jones says her dad was trying to help and grab photos of the suspects when the crash happened.


Arnold’s injuries were extensive.


“He had a broken elbow, an injured ankle, cuts and lacerations,” she said. “He had to get this head stapled, stitches on his hand. Some pretty severe injuries.”


Through all of that, doctors had given the family the all clear that Arnold would make a full recovery, until Sunday morning when they told Jones to call her stepmom.


“I knew something was up,” Jones said. “They said he coded and lost his pulse for a moment and stopped breathing.”


For more than 30 minutes doctors performed CPR.


Due to loss of oxygen to his brain, Arnold is now in ICU and on a ventilator.


“Now we’re kind of stuck in waiting game to see if he is going to make it or If he’s going to be the same person after this,” his daughter said.


The countless number of people leaving their prayers is what Jones says is keeping her spirits high during heartbreaking time.


But the unfortunate incident is still proving to be a more difficult time for her grandmother.


“She’s lost her other son,” Jones said. “She’s lost her husband and now she may be losing another son and it’s really hard on her.”