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St. Louis father grieves for sons lost to violence

ST. LOUIS - It is a struggle for Ronnie Robinson to get through Father’s Day.  He lost two sons to violence.  Robinson’s son Lonnie was shot and killed in 2015 and the body of his son Breyon was found badly burned in a north St. Louis dumpster in January.

“I can’t talk to him like I used to,” said Robinson.  “I can’t pick up the phone.”

Robinson said the person responsible for Lonnie’s death was arrested, but there is still no arrest in the murder of Breyon.  Robinson said police have identified a suspect but no charges have been filed.

“I know who done it and as a father, all I can ask you is to turn yourself in,” said Robinson.  “If the detectives don’t get you, your conscience will get you.”

Robinson has a tattoo honoring his son Lonnie on one arm and plans to have a tattoo of a gavel on his other arm once someone is arrested in the death of Breyon.  In the meantime, he has a message for all fathers.

“To all the men out there, stand up and be father.  If you’ve never been father, be one today,” said Robinson.  “Sit him down for breakfast or lunch or dinner today and tell him you know what, feed off me from this day forward.  Let’s be a man together.”

Robinson carried around a poster board with a photo of his son Breyon.

“I’m going to keep him with me every day of my life because he was my baby boy,” said Robinson. “I’m proud to say I’m his father.”