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Kelly Chase leaving Blues broadcast team after 18 years

Chris Kerber and Kelly Chase

ST. LOUIS, MO — The Blues broadcast team of Kelly Chase and Chris Kerber is breaking up after 18 years on KMOX and KTRS. Chase is taking a position within the Blues organization to, “bring new business to the club through his work and connections.” The broadcast team is now searching for a new co-host for Kerber.

Kelly Chase also played with the St. Louis Blues.  He posted this message to Twitter:

“With all of gratitude in the world I thank the St. Louis Blues for allowing me to be part of them for 30 years. Thanks to the fans for allowing me on your radio 82 times a year. I hope the next chapter is just as much fun. FYI – you still have the best player on the team”

Chris Kerber replied with this comment:

“I will no doubt miss the fun we had on and off the air but I’m extremely happy for Kelly Chase, Raelynn, Will, Ben & Luke. It’s a great opportunity and I can only imagine how much he’ll not only enjoy watching a game with them, but actually going to more of their own games!”

Read more about the decision from the St. Louis Blues here.