‘Loneliest’ Baskin-Robbins across from Ted Drewes described during Kimmel’s STL apology

ST. LOUIS, MO — Jon Hamm appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night. Kimmel started off the interview by apologizing to Hamm for giving him a hard time about liking Imo’s Pizza.

Kimmel goes on to say that there isn’t anything Hamm can do about it. Hamm has to defend the “Square Beyond Compare” because he is from St. Louis. Kimmel says it is a popular local pizza chain but, “The worst pizza you’ve ever had in your life.”

“In the interest of fairness, I have brought you another St. Louis treat. I’ve had it and it is actually delicious. In fact, my wife, who is from St. Louis stole most of these. This is Ted Drewes frozen custard,” said Jimmy Kimmel.

“It is like ice cream, but three times the calories said Jon Hamm. “The funny thing about Ted Drewes in St. Louis is the main version of it. This old-time rickety shack has a line out into the street that disrupts traffic. Next door to Ted Drewes is Baskin-Robbins. That should probably be called the loneliest Baskin-Robbins in the world. There is never anyone in there.  You can see the person working there, looking across the street at the 9,000 person line.  Really, you want to spend an hour in the 100 degree St. Louis heat?  We got 31 flavors. One of them kind of tastes like that.”

“I hope this makes things right with the city of St. Louis. I still don’t like Imo’s pizza. But, Ted Drewes, thumbs-up,” said Jimmy Kimmel.

Did you read that quote from Jon Hamm about the “Loneliest” Baskin Robbins? Well, there isn’t one there now. But there appears to have been one there in 1992. An Associated Press report from the 90’s says, “On hot summer nights, the lines can end up blocking part of a lane of old Route 66. A Baskin-Robbins across the street isn’t much competition, handling a mere trickle of traffic.”

“My uncle owned the Baskin Robbins and I worked there in high school and first year of college . We did a very good business also even with Ted’s right next door,” writes Mark Enger on FOX 2’s Facebook post.

“Baskin-Robbins was on the same side of the street of Ted Drewes, next door to each other practically. Although my family would be at Ted’s, I would go to Baskin and we would meet up next door!  Baskins was always busy but I really don’t know many places that can go up against Ted Drewes. Like John said, one is custard and one is ice cream. Quite different!” writes Susie to FOX 2.

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