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Teachers, staff in High Ridge district learn to respond to active shooter scenario

HIGH RIDGE, Mo. – Twenty-five teachers and staff at Northwest Schools in High Ridge, Missouri are undergoing two days of intense tactical training to learn how to combat an active shooter or dangerous intruder should one enter the school.

"We try to put them in the most realistic scenarios that we can," says A.P., a trainer for Tier One Solutions.

Tier One Solutions travels locally and around the country providing tactical training to empower schools, businesses, and any organization that seeks its services to combat active shooters or dangerous intruders.

The training is formulated on what it calls the 4-E program: Educate, Evade, Escape, Engage.

Northwest Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Desi Kirchhofer, says the training is valuable for safer schools and empowering teachers.

“They said thank you for empowering us, thank you for giving us options, thanks for giving us more ways to protect kids,” Kirchhofer says.

Staff will take the learned tactics and teach them to other staff members and students in the next school year.